Dr. Capurro Develops and Leads New Medical Miles for Rural Smiles Program

Headshot of Antonina Capurro, DMD, MPH, MBA
Apr. 20, 2018

Earlier this month, Visiting Assistant Professor and State Dental Health Officer, Antonina Capurro, DMD, MPH, MBA, led the first trip for the Medical Miles for Rural Smiles program, which provides dental services and immunizations to rural residents throughout Southern Nevada. 

Dr. Capurro worked with Dr. Julie Kotchevar, administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, and Dr. Joseph Iser, district health officer of the Southern Nevada Health District, to bring this innovative partnership to life. The collaborative project launched its inaugural trip through Esmeralda and Nye Counties with a team comprising Dr. Capurro; Jessica Woods, RDH, public health dental hygienist; Sarah Lugo, MSN, RN, senior community health nurse; and Lizette Enzenauer, senior administrative assistant II. Together they delivered 33 immunizations, 51 fluoride varnishes, 52 dental screenings, and 115 preventive dental sealants, as well as oral cancer screenings, oral health and nutritional information, Medicaid enrollment paperwork, and oral hygiene supplies to residents of Pahrump, Tonopah, and Goldfield.

The trips are supported in part by the Esmeralda, Nye, and White Pine Board of County Commissioners; Nye County stakeholders; NyE Community Coalition; Maureen Budahl, Nye County health officer; Beth Ennis, Nye and Esmeralda County community health nurse; Elaine Minges, Nye and Esmeralda County community health worker; and Dr. David Byun, White Pine public health officer.

Dr. Capurro said Medical Miles for Rural Smiles will continue through the summer with two future trips planned through White Pine, Nye, and Esmeralda Counties. For additional details, including how to participate in the trips or provide support, call Dr. Capurro at 702-486-0484.