Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup – Graduate Winners

Apr. 24, 2011

Scuba Solutions, UNLV – First Place – $20,000

Scuba Solutions LLC, legally established in March 2011, is a Nevada-based company that provides superior scuba equipment to diving enthusiasts throughout the world. The company is also the winner of the 2011 Southern Nevada Business Plan Competition.

Team Captain: Griffin Owings, MBA

Team Members: Chris Powell, MBA Alex Strabala, MBA Curtis Weinstein, MBA Sean Daly, Mechanical Engineering Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Hardin

Mad Sensor, UNLV – Second Place – $10,000

Rebel Technology Associates has developed the innovative Motorcycle Accident Detection and Notification System named MAD – which is similar to GM’s much heralded OnStar system for automobiles. Motorcyclists can now get quick help when in accidents! The device also features Lojack-like capabilities for tracking stolen motorcycles.

Team Captain: Adam Jackson, M.S. M.I.S.

Team Members: Jerome Mandel, M.S. M.I.S. Nicoleta Cornea, M.S. M.I.S. Shehan Peries, Certificate in entrepreneurship Yrene Ordaz, Computer Engineering Gerson Recinos, Computer Engineering Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Hardin