The Doctor Is ... On the Air

Jun. 15, 2012

A man calls The Dr. Daliah Show saying he is an alcoholic and was told he had six weeks to live. His question for Dr. Daliah Wachs: Why bother to stop drinking?

Wachs told the caller to hold his horses. She asked more questions, and it turned out he was never officially diagnosed with liver failure. His nurse practitioner told him that if he didn’t stop drinking, he’d be dead in six weeks.

“Thankfully he got an appointment to see a gastrointestinal specialist and went to Alcoholics Anonymous,” said Wachs, reflecting on one of the strangest calls she has received on her medical talk show.

Wachs, ’93 BS Biological Sciences, knew she wanted to help people from the time she was three years old. When someone in the neighborhood got hurt, she was the one to rush over and help. Plus, she loved the smell of Band-Aids.

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