Do you know what to do in a campus emergency, and can you receive emergency text alerts?

Aug. 9, 2017


In a campus emergency would you know how to keep yourself safe?

Emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. Campus emergencies can range from power outages and flooding to natural gas leaks and active shooter situations. Knowing how to react in emergencies is essential, and UNLV Police Services encourages everyone to visit our personal safety tips page online to learn how to keep yourself safe.

In a campus emergency would your contact information be up-to-date to receive emergency text alerts from UNLV?

UNLV’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) provides alerts to UNLV faculty and staff in the event of an on-campus emergency or unexpected closure of the university. The program can send a text, email, or voice message to all enrolled cellphones and email accounts. Police Services strongly urges you to review and update your contact information today to ensure you are ready to receive ENS alerts.

UNLV students receive these notifications on their contact information provided in the Personal Information section in the Student Center on the MyUNLV website. Update your information on this site today!

UNLV employees receive these notifications based on their contact information provided in the Update Contact Info section of the Employee Query and Update System (EQUUS) website. Employees can update their cellphone number in the Office Information section, and can also update home landline telephone information in the Address Information section. Update your information on this site today!

Campus community members without an EQUUS or MyUNLV account may also receive ENS alerts by submitting their contact information electronically. Police Services will then review your application and add your contact information to the ENS once your status has been verified.

To learn more about the ENS, visit the safety website.