Ditchley Conference Report Available Online

Dec. 7, 2012

A report on the recent Ditchley Foundation's international conference, which was held on the UNLV campus, is now available online at: http://www.ditchley.co.uk/conferences/past-programme/2010-2019/2012/water1

The conference, which was hosted by UNLV and sponsored by the Ditchley Foundation of Great Britain and the American Ditchley Foundation, featured attendees from 20 countries who discussed complex interdependencies between water and energy, agriculture, industry, urban growth and ecosystems, and how those challenges are compounded by climate change.

The conference participants represented a broad range of national and international sectors, including water providers and managers, governments, regulators, consumers, and non-governmental organizations.

The Ditchley Foundation was established by Sir David Wills in 1958 to advance international learning and to bring transatlantic and other experts together to discuss international issues. The UNLV Ditchley Foundation Conference was the first one held outside of Great Britain or Canada.