Director of UNLV’s School of Architecture to Participate in Prestigious Initiatives

Photo by Josh Hawkins

May. 20, 2019

Dr. Steffen Lehmann, director of the UNLV School of Architecture, has been invited to participate in two prestigious initiatives. He will be a speaker at the “City 2.0: Smart People, Places, and Planning” symposium at Harvard University in November 2019 on “Urban Regeneration”; and he will be a jury member for the American Institute of Architects San Diego Chapter 2019 Awards Committee.

As part of the ongoing think-thank activities of the Regional Science Academy, Lehmann will speak at a unique Advanced Brainstorm Carrefour (ABC) organized by the Kennedy School of Harvard University. The theme of this international expert meeting is “The City 2.0: Smart People, Places, and Planning." It will bring together 20 well-known scholars from around the world for a two-day intensive interactive exchange to explore new path-breaking roadmaps for future research on urban issues. This will be done from the perspective of human or social interactions that form the soul of the city, from district to metropolitan scales. Local host is Professor Edward Glaeser from Harvard University. Knowing of Lehmann’s long-standing interest in the conference topic of new city visions and urban redevelopment, and of his expertise in advanced research on the theme, he will give a presentation of research and act as a discussion panel member. A special issue of a journal based on the papers presented at this meeting will be published. 

The 2019 AIA San Diego Design Awards Committee will assess over 80 submissions of new built projects to identify the best architecture in and around San Diego. The jury will focus on exemplary skill and creativity in the resolution and integration of formal, functional, and technical requirements, including ecological stewardship and social responsibility. Award-winning projects will need to reflect a strong sense of place, environmental sustainability, history, and purpose. The theme for this year’s awards is “Contextual + Sustainable Design."

“I am delighted to be involved with these two significant initiatives, which show how much the relevance and meaningful engagement of the UNLV School of Architecture is growing,” Lehmann said. Both prestigious invitations are also a reflection of the international significance of Lehmann’s work and recognized standing.