DESERT COMPANION Best of 2019 Issue is here!

Jan. 29, 2019

Congrats to the departments of Art and Theatre for being named as the best in the city in the newest issue of DESERT COMPANION!

Best Figure in Local Culture

Marcus Civin

As we note elsewhere in this issue, Las Vegas culture is leveling up its performance-art mojo — a main pillar of the advanced culture scenes Vegas wants to emulate — and Marcus Civin, head of UNLV’s art department, is one big reason why. From organizing events to tirelessly promoting it, he puts a big emphasis on performance as he revamps a department that needs a good dusting off. But it’s not his only concern. See also: his hiring of a semester-long “transformation fellow,” a visiting artist who’ll try to bring the art department and the community together. A born collaborator, Civin would be the first to say he’s not doing these things alone — an acknowledgment that makes this designation even more apt. (SD)

Best Local Theater Company

Nevada Conservatory Theatre

More institutional than the Arts District upstarts, Nevada Conservatory has to work harder to attract the under-50 crowd. This has resulted in some knock-your-socks-off productions, from the 2016-17 season’s Good Kids to last season’s all-female Julius Caesar, to this year’s gothic interpretation of The Crucible, directed by Daz Weller. If you’re hunkered in a Downtown theater bubble, here’s a reminder: Universities are talent hotbeds, too. (HK)