Departure of Dr. Kevin Wright

Jul. 14, 2021


The Office of Student Diversity & Social Justice (SDSJ) is saddened to announce that Dr. Kevin Wright's last day as the Assistant Director for Student Diversity of SDSJ is August 30th, 2021. His last day in the office will be August 11th, and the rest of his time will be spent on annual leave. While we are saddened by this news, we are excited about Dr. Wright's future endeavors where he will be able to broaden his impact and share his expertise and insight on a global scale! Over the last 3 years, it was an honor to witness Dr. Wright assist and accomplish a multitude of accomplishments through the office of SDSJ and UNLV:

  1. Co-created the award-winning campus tradition to celebrate and acknowledge the success and contributions of Black students, staff, faculty, and community, the Annual Black Carpet

  2. Created and executed the award-winning financial literacy initiative, Get ‘Cha Money Right

  3. Co-created a mental health empowerment space exclusive to students within the African Diaspora, Black Students Matter

  4. Co-conceptualized the award-winning Navigators Program, SDSJ’s peer mentorship initiative

  5. Co-planned and executed the first inaugural Cultural Leadership Institute

  6. Co-created the award-winning inaugural Black resource guide. For the Culture: Resources for the African Diaspora

  7. Co-Created and Advised the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) with Alex Romero and Orlando White

  8. Co-created a scholarship endowed by the President’s Office, the Sankofa Advocate Scholarship

  9. Co-Advised the inaugural delegation to attend the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference

  10. Served as an Advisor for Circle K International, the Men of Color Alliance, and Alpha Phi Omega

In addition, Dr. Wright has published several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters while at UNLV, while having a speaking presence at local, regional, national and international conferences, and also serving as a consultant with multiple institutions across the nation.

Dr. Wright, the Office of Student Diversity & Social Justice is grateful for all of your contributions and you will be truly missed!

-The Office of Student Diversity & Social Justice Staff