Department of Art Transformation Fellow News

Feb. 10, 2020


Artist-in-Residence funds through the College of Fine Arts Dean's Office will bring the next Transformation Fellow for two visits. The first 2-week residency in the Fall will focus on research and relationship-building. At the end of their first residency, the Transformation Fellow will present a proposal for a more expansive project. The second 6-week residency, in a future semester, will provide time for production. The project will involve the following types of activities: salons or pop-up exhibitions, performances, temporary public art, and collaboration between students and other local schools or non-profit organizations.
Faculty and students in the Department of Art will select the new Transformation Fellow from a competitive pool. The Fellow will support diversity, equity, and inclusion as a mentor for students within our undergraduate and graduate programs. They will also distribute a compassionate educational framework respectful of the community as a whole. Their work will reflect the mission of the College of Fine Arts at UNLV to boldly launch visionaries who transform the global community through collaboration, scholarship, and innovation.
Art is an integral part of the educational and cultural experience at UNLV. The Transformation Fellow is just one aspect of what is happening.

Beyond the Dean's Office funds, we are looking to raise an additional $5,000 at the UNLV Rebel Raiser website. This Rebel Raiser will support an all-inclusive supply budget for the Transformation Fellow and their collaborators. Similar projects in the Department of Art have involved the purchase and rental of new technology and equipment, printing costs, and consumable production supplies 

Your gift will invigorate our spirits and inspire our efforts.

Please share widely: The second UNLV Department of Art Transformation Fellow will support diversity, equity, and inclusion as a critic and mentor for art, design, and art history students. Their residency will provide an opportunity for communities in Las Vegas and at UNLV to work together. We have raised over $2,700. Help us keep up the momentum throughout the month of February!