Department of Art Professor included in new Exhibition at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland Oregon

Sep. 7, 2018


Professor Catherine Angel is included in the exhibition Touch, curated by Christopher Rauschenberg at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland Oregon, September 6–30, 2018.

Touch is an exhibition featuring over 70 prints from the photography collection of Blue Sky co-founder and photographer Christopher Rauschenberg. The show was inspired by a particular image: Charles Harbutt’s 1961 photograph of a blind boy delicately touching a beam of light (above). This led Rauschenberg to bring together the many other works in his collection that visually capture this poignant human sensory experience in its myriad forms.

Touch features photographs by the following artists:

Thomas Alleman, Catherine Angel, Talya C. Arbisser, Eugene Atget, Rich Bergeman, Cecilia Berkovic, Skyra Beveridge, Richard Brown, Jamila Clarke, Vernoll Coleman, Celeste Cottingham, Paul Dahlquist, Arstide Economopoulos, Sidney Felsen, Michelle Frankfurter, Mary Frey, Patricia Galagan, Dorothy Glenn, Alison Grippo, M Bruce Hall, Anita Hamremoen, Charles Harbutt, Phil Harris, Craig Hickman, Ann Hughes, Birney Imes III, Gwynne Johnson, Sara Kirschenbaum, Les Krims, Justine Kurland, Dorthea Lange, Robert Langham, Zun Lee, Catherine Leuthold, Holly Lynton, Robert Lyons, Chema Madoz, Heather McClintock, July Mihaly, Jennifer Lynn Morse, Zanele Muholi, David Pace, Gordon Parks, Keri Pickett, Ann Ploeger, Gus Powell, Romualdas Požerskis, Jana Romanova, Irina Rozovsky, Nadia Sablin, Kris Sanford, Dona Schwartz, Joshua Smith, Jan Sonnenmair, Larry Sultan, Chip Thomas, Paul Trevor, Carol Yarrow