Department of Art Emergency Funding - Requests Due April 10

Apr. 7, 2020

Thanks to the generosity of a donor, Department of Art students facing hardship can submit written requests and supporting documentation describing their situations. The Department of Art Scholarship Committee will meet online to consider the cases and respond to students. The Scholarship Committee will prioritize cases where all other resources are insufficient, unavailable, or not accessible in a timely manner. As available, small one-time emergency awards will attempt to meet some basic and immediate needs of students in the most dire situations. With this kind of support, the hope is that these students will be able to concentrate on their online coursework and progress towards graduation. This process is intended to be as rapid as possible. Don't worry too much about formatting or language in your submission. Don't hesitate to apply.

Current UNLV undergraduate and graduate art students are eligible. Applicants may be asked to meet with representatives from the Scholarship Committee.

Requests Due April 10:

Please address any questions or concerns to