Delayed Processing in Sponsored Programs

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May. 11, 2018

Several business processes in the division's Office of Sponsored Programs have been affected by the transition to Workday, which have resulted in significant delays in turnaround time in two key areas: 

Setting up a new account: This process, which formerly took approximately 10 minutes to complete, now takes 4 hours.

Invoicing: This process, which formerly took 30 minutes, now takes between 2-3 hours if all information is accurate; if there is a discrepancy, the process can take as long as 4-6 hours. With more than 600 accounts for billing and a turnaround time of 3 invoices per day versus 30 prior to implementation of the new system, there are significant delays in this area.

Sponsored Programs understands that this can cause significant challenges for UNLV researchers. As such, the office requests that you contact them at or 702-895-1357 to:

  • Assist you with your questions or concerns about external funding.
  • Provide guidance on viewing and working within funding-related Workday accounts.
  • Supply letters for funding agencies that explain Workday-related delays if a project is nearing a critical deadline.

A principal investigator (PI) dashboard is currently being designed in Workday, based on input from faculty PIs from UNLV, UNR, and DRI. Sponsored Programs will inform the UNLV community once this dashboard has been implemented.   

The office is eager to ensure that your pursuit and use of external funding goes as smoothly as possible and appreciates your patience and understanding as it works through your requests in the Workday system.