COVID-19 vaccination information for NSHE faculty, staff and students

Jan. 7, 2021

Dear University Community,

Happy New Year and welcome back to many of our staff and faculty members as we prepare for the spring semester.

As you are aware, Nevada has begun its COVID-19 vaccination effort and is currently inoculating residents in Tier 1 of the Vaccination Program Playbook and CDC guidelines. Tier 1 includes individuals who work in health care fields, live in long-term care facilities, and serve in law enforcement and public safety roles. Currently, the state’s plan lists the Nevada System of Higher Education in Tiers 1,  2 and 3.

To support the state’s effort, the Nevada System of Higher Education will partner with the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) to conduct vaccinations for southern NSHE institutions as defined in the state’s plan for Tiers 1, 2 and 3. This includes faculty, staff, and students currently affiliated with UNLV, the College of Southern Nevada, Desert Research Institute, Nevada State College, and NSHE.

The vaccination effort will be led by staff and volunteers from UNLV Medicine, UNLV School of Nursing, and nursing programs at CSN and Nevada State College. NSHE will also be assisting SNHD with vaccinations for NSHE health care workers, law enforcement, and other priority groups in Tier 1.

Every member of our university community is incredibly important to us and we want all of you to have access to the vaccine as soon as possible. We will work as quickly as possible to administer vaccinations to all of our university community.

Because it is unclear when we will receive vaccines and how many doses will be delivered, we can’t say when each group, defined below, will be contacted to be vaccinated. As this is a very fluid and developing situation, the information and priorities identified below are subject to change. We will continue to keep you updated.

Prioritized roles within NSHE

The initial vaccinations dispensed by NSHE will first be given to remaining members of Tier 1  within NSHE and may include qualified individuals in the broader community.

NSHE has prioritized roles at its institutions as defined under Tiers 2 and 3 in the state’s plan in this order:

  • Employees in facilities maintenance and custodial services who work on campus
  • Instructors (faculty and graduate students) teaching in person during the spring semester
  • Staff and student employees who provide in-person services
  • Students who will live in on-campus residence halls during the spring semester
  • Instructors (faculty and graduate students) teaching remotely during the spring semester 
  • Faculty and staff who typically have low to no in-person contact or who are working remotely
  • All remaining students

Times and locations

Contingent upon the availability of supplies, vaccinations will begin Jan. 11 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday on the UNLV Maryland Parkway campus. Vaccinations are anticipated to begin on the CSN Henderson campus on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19. Appointments are required at both campuses and you will be provided with specific location information when your appointment is confirmed.

Again, the initial vaccinations that will be provided at UNLV and CSN will be given to individuals in Tier 1 who are with NSHE and in the broader community.

How to register

UNLV faculty, staff and students in Tier 1 will receive an email this week with a link to register through a portal. Individuals in Tiers 2 and 3 will receive an email invitation to register when their roles become eligible for vaccinations. 

A few important things to note about registration:

  • You will complete registration information and your role will be crosschecked to determine when you are eligible for vaccination. Please enter all information as your appointment may be cancelled if full information is not provided.
  • You will be asked to upload a photo of your insurance card. While your insurance will be billed for services, you will not receive a bill and will not incur a personal charge for the vaccine.  
  • You may be able to select a preferred date and time for vaccination based on appointment availability. If appointments are not available, instructions will be provided through the registration site.  You will receive an email confirmation. Do not go to the vaccination site without confirmation.

What to expect

When you arrive at the vaccination site for your appointment, you will need to show identification by NSHE ID and state-issued ID such as a driver license. You will also need to provide your insurance card.  Remember, stay home if you’re not feeling well or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

After you get your vaccination, you will be provided with a CDC vaccination record card noting the type of vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) you received and the date you will need to return for your second dose. Depending on the vaccine you receive, you will be scheduled to return 21 to 28 days later. It is vital that you return for your second dose for the vaccination to effectively protect you against contracting COVID-19. You will receive appointment reminders several days before your second dose appointment via phone, text and/or email.

Why you should get the vaccine

We are continuing to live through the greatest pandemic in more than a century. So many people experienced profound losses over the last nine months, something that unfortunately will continue as we see case numbers climb in our community. The greatest chance we have to stop the spread of COVID-19, protect those we love, get people back to work, and resume a more normal existence is through vaccination.

Our goal as part of NSHE is to vaccinate as many of our faculty, staff and students as possible to help our community achieve what is often referred to as herd immunity. This level of immunity will help us reduce the infectious rate and it will save lives. It will help us shift the many people currently focused on COVID-19 back to our educational mission. It will get our students and faculty back in the classroom, lab, and field, doing what they do best – innovating, engaging, creating, and improving the world around us.

In order to achieve widespread immunity with vaccines that are 95% effective, 70% of the population must be vaccinated. Every one of us is vital to this effort. It matters if you get the vaccine and when. We urge you to please take advantage of the opportunity to get your vaccine as soon as you’re eligible and we will be doing the same.

Every individual’s situation is different so please talk with your primary care provider about the vaccine and what is right for you. We have compiled resources from the CDC, Southern Nevada Health District, Immunize Nevada and the state at

We will continue to keep you updated as the vaccination effort gets underway and we will post updates at and answer questions through Thank you for your patience and your trust.

Warm regards,

Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.                                                        

Chris L. Heavey, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President and Provost