COVID-19 Update: LEE MBA extends application deadlines

Mar. 31, 2020


To all prospective applicants, in lieu of COVID-19, we are officially extending our Fall 2020 application deadline to August 1, 2020. This extension includes applicants for any of the following programs:
1.      Business Administration (MBA Evening) Domestic Students
2.      Business Administration / Law (Dual MBA/J.D.)
3.       Business Administration/Hotel Administration (Dual MBA/M.S.)
4.       Business Administration/Management Information Systems (Dual MBA/M.S.)
5.       Business Administration/Dental Medicine (Dual MBA/D.M.D.)
6.       Business Administration/Quantitative Finance (Dual MBA/MSQF)
7.       Certificate in Business Administration
Sending wishes for safety and health,

Dr. Anjala Krishen
Director, MBA Programs
Professor, Marketing & International Business
P: (540) 588-3961 W: