COVID-19 Update July 15, 2020

Jul. 15, 2020


UNLV Dental Medicine screening protocols are designed to protect our campus community. All students, staff, and faculty should be mindful of the processes in place. We use a COVID report form to identify students, faculty, staff, or patients who may have been exposed to, or in close contact with, a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

UNLV Dental Medicine is now using a new algorithm that follows the most current evidence regarding COVID-19 exposure to further guide our decisions regarding COVID-19 exposure.

We rely on each person to self-report. Accurate self-reported information assists us in making the best possible decision relative to COVID-19. We ask everyone who may have been exposed or who is experiencing symptoms to immediately send emails to Dr. Marcia Ditmyer ( and Mr. Ron Blaze ( By doing so, you help ensure the processes function at an optimal level. Upon notification of a person who tested positive to COVID-19, we will notify all affected individuals about the potential exposure.

Please note that not every potential exposure will result in a positive case, or require self-isolation. Each report will be evaluated in accordance with CDC and State of Nevada health guidelines to determine if there is risk to our community, and the appropriate actions. Available data are insufficient to precisely define the duration of time that constitutes a prolonged exposure. Until more data are available, our definition of prolonged exposure is an unprotected person (without a mask and/or recommended PPE) being within six feet of a person with confirmed COVID-19, or who has symptoms, for 15 minutes or longer.

While we cannot restrict nor mandate someone’s personal behavior outside of UNLV Dental Medicine, we hope everyone understands that your decisions made outside the work environment - away from school - can affect all of us as we move into the fall semester.

Our screening protocols and policies directing use of PPE are designed to ensure the safety of everyone at UNLV Dental Medicine. While few things in life are 100 percent, the measures we have in place have been effective in keeping our personnel safe and are in line with best practices based on available scientific evidence. Again, if anyone feels ill or exhibits COVID-19-like symptoms, we strongly urge you to remain at home, email and, and seek medical care.

Please continue to take personal health precautions and follow our guidelines, which are updated frequently. We will provide additional information as It becomes available.