CoRE Faculty Fellows – Call for Nominations

Oct. 22, 2013

The Executive Vice President and Provost and the Vice President for Research and Economic Development invite nominations (including self-nominations) of tenured faculty members with established research records to serve as Faculty Fellows to lead further development of each of the seven focus areas of the Collaborative Research and Education initiative (CoRE).


One year ago, President Smatresk launched the UNLV CoRE initiative based upon the belief, firmly grounded in empirical research, that participation on cross-disciplinary research teams often helps faculty produce more publications with higher citation rankings and attain more and larger levels of external funding. Moreover, collaborative teams can generate highly original and deeply enrich educational programs consistent with the broader strategic priorities of UNLV. As a concept, CoRE offers UNLV faculty members an opportunity to pool their talents and collaborate with colleagues from other institutions, to optimize research and education outcomes. 

Since the introduction of this concept, and the formation of a faculty steering committee last fall, UNLV faculty have responded with enthusiasm about the prospect of developing and fostering collaborative research and education programs across disciplinary and college boundaries. A campus-wide survey on collaborative research interests and two open meetings last spring drew over two hundred faculty, who collectively identified six potential research areas and designated a "blue sky" area for additional interests. This fall, open meetings were held on each of these areas, which attracted over 300 faculty members and generated a rich array of ideas for team structures and research. The next step is to put in place a structure of leadership to guide the formation of research teams in each of these areas, and to constitute a leadership CoRE Council, and thus lead CoRE into the next and more active phase of its evolution. To constitute this leadership team, the Provost and Research offices intend to designate seven CoRE faculty fellows from among faculty nominated and self-nominated for leadership roles in each of the initial CoRE areas. 

  1. Sustainable Materials and Renewable Resources
  2. Emergent Learning Technologies
  3. Health
  4. Gaming
  5. Information Technology and Data Security
  6. Urban and Social Issues
  7. Culture, Media and Arts.


CoRE fellows will:

  • Obtain Team Science certification 
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and foster development of research teams within their respective areas
  • Serve as administrators of collaborative communications intranet (Team Box) for all teams in their respective areas
  • Serve as members of a Collaborative Research and Education Council to review proposals from prospective teams for internal support.
  • Hold additional open faculty meetings to facilitate expansion of faculty participation in CoRE projects
    • Identify faculty common interests and expertise
    • Facilitate organic project identification and organic team construction 
    • Identify future projects and planned team construction 


The ideal candidates will be tenured faculty with a strong record of publication, experience and knowledge of external funding, dynamism, and the ability to coordinate and lead diverse groups of researchers and community partners. Fellows will work together as a CoRE Council, which will report jointly to the Executive Vice President and Provost and to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Fellows will agree to lead an area team for at least one year, and may be renewed; fellows will be provided with course reassignment and summer stipend. 

Letters of nomination or self-nomination should be submitted by 5pm on November 25, 2013 to [email protected] or Mail Stop 1001, Attn: CORE Fellows.