Constitution Day: Panelists Discuss Policing and the U.S. Constitution

Sep. 21, 2020

UNLV professors participated in a virtual Constitution Day panel discussion on Policing and the U.S. Constitution in the Age of Mass Protests Sept. 17.

In 2019 political protests occurred in 114 countries, and the U.S. emerged as an epicenter for these protests after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. Protestors have called for reforming policing as part of the larger effort to address systemic racism in American law and society. Panelists — UNLV professors Frank Rudy Cooper (Law), Rebecca Gill (Political Science), Ian Bartrum (Law), and David Tanenhaus (History and Law) — offered their perspectives on this historic moment that raises profound constitutional questions about the role of policing in a democratic society.

The event was held in association with the College of Liberal Arts’ University Forum lecture series and co-sponsored by the executive vice president and provost, William S. Boyd School of Law, the departments of history and political science, and the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement.

A recording of the event is available for viewing and download here.