Congratulations to This Year's Doctoral Fellowship Recipients

Jun. 18, 2013

The Division of Research and Graduate Studies congratulates this year’s doctoral fellowship recipients, listed below. These fellowships, which enable recipients to finish their doctoral research and complete their dissertations, are funded by the UNLV Foundation. More information about fellowships is available at

UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees Fellowship, 2013-2015

Nicholas Pellegrino, History
David Holland, Advisor
Hermsen Fellowship, 2013-2014

Israel Alvarado, Biological Sciences
Michelle Elekonich, Advisor

Joseph Margotta, Biological Sciences
Michelle Elekonich, Advisor
Presidents UNLV Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2013-2014

Sarah Evans, Geoscience
Andrew Hanson, Advisor

Molly O'Donnell, English
Kelly J. Mays, Advisor

Anna Osterholtz, Anthropology
Debra Martin and Alan Simmons, Advisors
Barrick Graduate Fellowship, 2013-2014

Jessica Urgelles, Psychology
Brad Donohue, Advisor

Sally Vogel, Psychology
Daniel Allen, Advisor