Congratulations to the Winners of the Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Awards

May. 16, 2013

The Division of Research and Graduate Studies congratulates the following 2013 winners of the Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Awards.

Outstanding Thesis Award: Jie Hye Min

Jie Hye Min, a master of science student in hotel administration, studied the impact of casino loyalty programs on gaming volume. Loyalty programs are a significant strategy that Las Vegas casinos have developed to increase national and international competition. The resort industry has expended significant resources in these programs without developing effective means to measure their impact. Min’s thesis used autoregressive moving average to identify the types of programs that have the most impact on the volume of wagers in different types of gaming activity. Min’s advisor was hotel administration professor Carola Raab, who praised not only the importance of the work to the industry, but also the methodological rigor.

Outstanding Dissertation Award: Mohammad Sa’adeh

Mohammad Sa’adeh, a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering, conducted research on the creation of a portable system for the visually impaired to read electronic braille text. His proposed device, which is to be attached to a single finger, contains an electrotactile display. It is an electronic board that has a matrix of electrodes sending current to stimulate the feeling of a particular braille character. His research was conducted under the mentorship of engineering professor Mohammed Trabia. Sa'adeh has been involved in a dozen conference presentations, and he has had two scholarly papers accepted for publication.