Congratulations to Our Friends in the Japanese Diet

Japan Reports

Japanese translations of two IGI reports: Socio-Economic Impacts of Japanese Integrated Resorts and Eliminating Organized Crime in Nevada Casinos, available here

Jul. 6, 2018

To our friends in the Japanese Diet:

The UNLV International Gaming Institute would like to sincerely congratulate you on the official passing of the Gambling Addiction Countermeasures Bill and the subsequent introduction of new IR implementation legislation.

This incredibly comprehensive, precedent-setting bill for addressing problem gambling works to secure a responsible future for integrated resorts in Japan.

Your careful efforts demonstrate a thoughtful and thorough approach that considers gambling’s socioeconomic impacts and appropriate regulation as well as gambling addiction education, prevention, and treatment measures. This landmark decision not only attests to Japan’s concern for the well-being of citizens and visitors but also illustrates the country’s commitment to academic research and education.

Since 2012, UNLV IGI has been honored to work with you in our backyard and yours as a colleague and resource for research-based educational programs. In addition, we are delighted to hear that our reports on problem gambling and regulation of crime helped inform legislators in the months leading up to this milestone.

We take pride in working with you to provide the most recent and relevant gambling research, and we hope to continue this alliance in the years to come. As always, we offer our full assistance if the need arises.

Congratulations again on this historic occasion.

Bo Bernhard, Executive Director
UNLV International Gaming Institute