Colonel Scott Moser (retired) Cohort 14 Enterprise IT Operations Manager, OnPoint Consulting

Scott Moser enjoying civilian life on the slopes
Jan. 28, 2016

When retired Air Force Colonel Scott Moser relocated to Las Vegas in 2014 to accept his first job as a civilian, he brought with him 25 years of work experience.  That included, expertise in information technology (IT); years of managing multi-million dollar projects; proven leadership skills; an M.S. in electrical engineering and a motivation to advance his career in the corporate world.

Colonel Moser concluded his distinguished military career as the Command, Chief Information Officer, Headquarters Alaskan Command and Joint Task Force-Alaska at Joint Base Elemendorf Richardson, Alaska. During this time, he directed IT operations responsible for strategic IT planning, governance, project management and operations; cyber security; cloud computing solutions; virtualization; disaster recovery; business continuity planning; project coordination, and policies and procedures for an 80-person headquarters supporting over 20,000 military members.

Following retirement from the U.S. Air Force, Moser accepted a management position with the Las Vegas office of OnPoint Consulting, working on behalf of the company’s Department of Energy clients. He currently manages information technology for the Enterprise Classified Operations Division of the National Nuclear Security Agency responsible for ensuring the availability, confidentiality and integrity of two enterprise networks servicing 64 client sites across the United States.

Moser soon realized that if he wanted to accomplish his goal of becoming a chief information officer within a civilian corporation, he needed to expand and refine his business knowledge. He found the solution when he enrolled in the UNLV Executive MBA program.

“Life in the armed forces teaches many lessons, but finance, marketing, negotiation and other business-related knowledge and skills are rarely among them,” said Moser.  “Military budgets are controlled by the government. In the business world, income and expenditures are a whole different ballgame. While my positions in the Air Force provided me a great deal of project management and leadership experience, I needed a stronger finance and accounting background, as well as a better understanding of strategic thinking as it relates to a business environment, to succeed in the private sector.  The UNLV EMBA program gives me the knowledge and credibility I need to succeed in business.”

Moser is one of four former military members in UNLV’s EMBA Cohort 14. “During the admission process, I was pleased to see how real world experience was valued by the program’s director Nikkole McCartin and other members of the administration. The Executive MBA staff is truly committed to the success of all students.”

The commitment to success also is an attribute shared by the UNLV EMBA faculty. “I can’t say enough about the quality of the professors,” Moser said. "The UNLV EMBA experience is providing me with a set of tools and a strategic framework that can be applied to everyday business scenarios."

Moser is no stranger to the classroom and the discipline it takes to complete a rigorous curriculum. During his military career, he received an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri; a Master’s in National Resource Strategy from National Defense University; and an M.S. in Military Operational Arts and Science from Air Command and Staff College.

Commenting on parallels between the UNLV EMBA program and the Air Force, Moser noted that both are dynamic environments with high standards.  “Discovering the world of business and meeting people from varied industries are some of the best attributes about the UNLV EMBA program,” said Moser. “My UNLV EMBA experience has allowed me the opportunity to interact with outstanding professionals with diverse backgrounds.  The cohort is made up of individuals from large corporations, small privately owned businesses and the nonprofit sector. Yet, we function as a team. Interacting with them has increased my awareness of the commonalities and various challenges faced within each organization and industry.  I appreciate the camaraderie we share as we support each other in everything we do as a team.”

“In a way, being part of a UNLV EMBA cohort brings to mind the Air Force core values: service before self and excellence in all we do.”