College of Liberal Arts Hosts “Rebel for a Day” Recruitment Event

Nov. 19, 2018


The College of Liberal Arts hosted the “Rebel for a Day” event on Oct. 9 for 230 students from four local high schools as part of the Experience Liberal Arts program.

Experience Liberal Arts is designed to engage undergraduate students by providing a platform to collaborate with their peers, network with alumni professionals who graduated from the college, and provide service and social opportunities to enliven the university experience.

“Rebel for a Day” was coordinated by Anna Smedley-Lopez and her program assistants Johansen Pico and Vanessa Núñez. This event was designed for high school juniors and seniors who are considering attending UNLV and majoring in a discipline in the College of Liberal Arts.

“The College of Liberal Arts ‘Rebel for a Day’ was so exciting to me because it was a chance to really showcase the breadth of our college's opportunities for potential incoming students,” said  Smedley-Lopez, director of student and community engagement in the college.

“Getting a sneak peek of faculty and student research activities as well as student organizations and meeting our current students really motivated our high school visitors to consider majoring or minoring in one or more of our disciplines.”

The day was filled with various activities designed for the students to get a glimpse of how being a part of the Liberal Arts College can advance their education and careers. The event began at 8:30 a.m. with a welcome by Interim Dean Jennifer Keene, associate deans, and other liberal arts staff.   

Students then participated in campus tours and faculty demonstrations by various liberal arts faculty. Spotlights were led by:

Oak Vichaikul, (Assistant Director/ Coordinator of Pre-Law)

Dr. David Damore, (Political Science Professor and Dept. Chair)

Dr. Steven Landis, (Political Science Assistant Professor)

Dr. Norma Flores, (History part time Instructor)

Dr. Elena Gandia, (Assistant Professor in Residence, Spanish World Languages & Cultures)

Dr. Jarret Keene, (Assistant Professor in Residence, Literature Coordinator)

Dr. Constancio Arnaldo, (IGES Assistant Professor; Asian American Studies)

Dr. Karen Harry, (Anthropology Professor)

Dr. Rochelle Hines, (Assistant Professor Psychology)

The faculty demos were followed by lunch and an undergraduate panel. Undergraduate student panelists were: Garrison Garth (African American/ African American Diaspora Studies), Priscila Venzor (Sociology), Angelo Robledo (Anthropology), Olivia Miller (Philosophy), Faith Bashful (Sociology). The panelists discussed why they decided to attend the College of Liberal Arts, why they selected their majors, and the importance of internships to prepare them for life after graduation.

The panelists also talked about the importance of getting and staying involved at UNLV through clubs and student organizations, undergraduate research and service learning, and offered advice for future liberal arts students.

Following the undergraduate panel, liberal arts students involved in research and service learning made presentations. Presenters included:

Esmeralda Cruz Lopez - #UndocuJoy, program supporting undocumented students at UNLV (Department of IGES and Sociology)

Charles Stockwell - Society for Service Dogs, a student nonprofit that helps train service dogs (Department of psychology)

April Contreras - Psychology research with the Hines Group (Hines Group, Department of psychology)

Ryan Wilgeroth - Society of Lightsaber duelists, an academic talk about Star Wars and Greek Mythology (Department of English)

“The event was informative and interactive, especially to first-generation students. The professors and the panelists were able to answer many questions that students had because of their expertise on attaining certain degrees,” said communications intern Bridget Hernandez, who assisted with logistics during the event.  

“They also gave advice about how high schoolers should navigate themselves through college in the near future.”