Collaborative Research and Education (CORE) Initiative calls for faculty input

Feb. 5, 2013


February 5, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

At the State of the University Address in September, President Smatresk introduced the new collaborative research and education initiative (CoRE) as part of a broad agenda to move UNLV forward towards twin goals of enhancing campus culture and support for faculty and achieving Very High Research status. This announcement was followed by the formation of a CoRE faculty steering committee last fall. Since that time, the steering committee has engaged in thoughtful discussion with key campus leaders to build consensus on a vision for UNLV CoRE. Fundamental to each of these discussions has been the critical need to create an organizing center for interdisciplinary research and education collaboration that invites rather than excludes participation and empowers the creative ingenuity of members of the UNLV campus.

These discussions have led to the following broad CoRE vision statement, which the steering committee in conjunction with the Provost, President and Vice President for Research are now submitting to the UNLV faculty for consideration, discussion and input. At the end of the vision statement is a link to a brief survey through which UNLV academic faculty are asked to contribute directly to the discussion, revision, elaboration and (starting later this spring) first steps of implementation of this vision. 


UNLV CoRE Vision

Collaborative research and education (CoRE) is an incubator for new ideas and new thinking at UNLV. The institutional aspiration of CoRE is to facilitate a cultural change that augments and accelerates interdisciplinary research and education initiatives for the greater success of students and faculty, enhances institutional excellence, and benefits Southern Nevada and beyond. The structure of CoRE will evolve to meet the needs of its participants.

The initial phase of CoRE will provide opportunities for members of the UNLV campus and community stakeholders to discuss research and education topics of mutual interest. These discussions may lead to further engagement ranging from informal exchanges of ideas, to development of innovative, interdisciplinary courses, to the formation of interdisciplinary research groups, to collaboration on externally funded projects.


In recognition that cultural change can only occur if it evolves from the existing culture and is not imposed on it, there has been considerable attention given to how we can obtain campus input to further guide the development and launch of CoRE. In this vein, we have developed a UNLV CoRE survey for academic and research faculty and staff to complete. The results of this survey will inform the UNLV CoRE summit, which will substantially influence the future form and function of UNLV CoRE.

The link to the survey is provided below and will be open to complete until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. The survey will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete and we sincerely hope that you will elect to participate.

Link to UNLV CoRE Survey

Your participation in UNLV CoRE survey is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to complete the survey in this time frame but would still like to provide input, please email your ideas to [email protected]. Thank you in advance.


The CoRE Steering Committee

Alan Simmons (Co-Chair): Professor of Anthropology

Jaci Batista: Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

William Brown: Assistant Director, Brookings Mountain West Institute

Shawn Gerstenberger: Executive Associate Dean, School of Community Health; Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health

Ed Nagelhaut: Associate Professor of English

Stan Smith: Associate Vice-President for Research; Professor of Life Sciences

Rainier Spencer: Senior Advisor to the President; Professor, Interdisciplinary Degree Programs