Collaborative Research and Education (CoRE) Fellows Announced

Jan. 17, 2014

The Collaborative Research and Education (CoRE) Steering Committee has announced the appointment of eight CORE fellows who will lead efforts in the following areas: Sustained and Emergent Learning Technologies; Gaming and Hospitality; Health; Renewable Resources; Urban and Social Issues; and IT/Cybersecurity. These fellows will work with the campus on forming working groups to advance scholarship and obtain funding for research and education efforts; they will also help identify the strategic direction of CoRE. They include the following individuals:

- Bo Bernhard (Gaming and Hospitality) Hotel
- Ed Nagelhout (Emergent and Sustained Learning Technologies) Liberal Arts
- Simon Gottschalk (Urban and Social Issues) Liberal Arts
- Jennifer Keene (Urban and Social Issues) Liberal Arts
- Kwang Kim (Renewable Resources) Engineering
- Barbara St. Pierre Schneider (Health) Nursing
- Janet Dufek (Health) Allied Health Sciences
- Kazem Taghva (IT/Cybersecurity) Engineering

In addition, the CoRE fellows will form the CoRE Council that will be tasked with utilizing online tools for collaboration, prioritizing internal resources, working with grant support staff, and further promoting campus discussions.