Collaborative book chapter published!

Jul. 13, 2017

Sociology graduate student Jennifer Reed, Sociology Professor Barb Brents, and Sociology Professor Crystal Jackson (UNLV Alum) published a co-authored book chapter titled "Strange Confluences: Radical Feminism and Evangelical Christianity as Drivers of US Neo-Abolitionism" in Feminism, Prostitution, and the State.

The book publisher (Routledge/Taylor & Francis) partnered with ReadCube to allow the full book, Feminism, Prostitution and the State to be read online for 60 days *free* (starting June 30, 2017). Here's the link to read the full text online (NOT downloadable):

Jennifer Reed also did a radio / podcast interview about the book and the online reading initiative if you could add that with it as well (in either or both platform versions).