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Jan. 26, 2018

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1/7/19: Quick Take: The Numbers Tell the Story on Climate Change

1/4/19: Newsmakers 2018: Research

1/3/19: Grant: Mark Buttner and Patricia Cruz

1/2/19: UNLV Study Unlocks Clues to How Planets Form

12/28/18: Announcing the Administrative Faculty of the Month for October

12/27/18:  UNLV Attains Highest Status as Research University

12/26/18: The Center for Oral History is currently seeking interviewees for a three-year project to document the lives and contributions of people with disabilities who work or are currently obtaining an advanced degree in STEM fields

12/21/18: Wishing You a Magical Holiday Season

12/20/18: What legal sports betting in the United States means for offshore sportsbooks

12/19/18: L’Italianità di Las Vegas: The Italianness of Las Vegas

12/18/18: Grant: School of Community Health Sciences

12/17/18: Advice for Turning a Bust Back to Boom: Venture Forth

12/14/18: Honors: Melissa Rorie

12/13/18: Quick Take: What the Fourth National Climate Assessment Means for Nevada and the West

12/12/18: Faculty and Staff Registration for CES Now Open

12/11/18: UNLV To Address Building Casino Player Loyalty & iPayment Options

12/10/18: Grant: Daniel Proga

12/7/18: Community Health Sciences Becomes First Accredited School of Public Health in Nevada

12/6/18: Grant: Jennifer Kawi

12/5/18: Keep it Complex: New Study Shows that Previous Research Oversimplified Schizophrenia Symptoms

12/4/18: UNLV History Department Selects Renowned North American Historian as Harry Reid Endowed Chair

12/3/18: CES student registration survey link 

11/30/18: Apply Now for UNLV Open Article Fund

11/29/18: Tiny Footprints, Big Discovery: Reptile Tracks Oldest Ever Found in Grand Canyon

11/28/18: Notable: Mary Blankenship

11/27/18: Research Information and Responsibilities at UNLV Memo

11/26/18: Grant: Du Feng

11/21/18: Face the Music: Explicit Anti-Piracy Warnings Are Best Deterrent

11/20/18: Call for Nominations: 2019 Barrick Scholar Awards

11/19/18: A Swarm for Our Safety

11/16/18: One Small Step for Degree, One Giant Leap for Career

11/15/18: The Interview: Lori Ciccone

11/14/18: UNLV professor breaks down research on blockchain, new cryptocurrency technology

11/13/18: National Pro Fastpitch Announces Collaborative Marketing Initiative

11/9/18: Service Learning and Leadership Scholarship Application for Spring 2019

11/8/18: International Gaming Institute: Shaping Gaming for 25 Years

11/7/18: The Trickle-Down Effect

11/6/18: Published: Tony Henthorne

11/5/18: Nevada Regional Neuroscience Meeting

11/2/18: Grant: Harsha Perera

11/1/18: Office of Undergraduate Research Support for Faculty Research Mentors and Students

10/31/18: Food For All

10/30/18: Grant: Special Collections & Archives

10/29/18: Want to Improve Student Retention? Enlist Some Librarians

10/26/18: Recipe for Healthier Pregnancies

10/25/18: How 'Supergirl' is Changing the Game for Transgender Youth

10/24/18: Media Innovation Hackathon Meet-and-Greet Info Session

10/24/18: Grant: Ryan Sherman and Jee Woong Park

10/23/18: UNLV Innovation 2018

10/22/18: Unstacking the Odds

10/22/18: Grant: Erica Marti

10/19/18: Practice Makes Progress

10/19/18: Grant: Eduardo Robleto

10/18/18: Of Boys and Men

10/18/18: Grant: Rebecca Martin and Zhaohuan Zhu

10/17/18: Call for Nominations: 2019 NSHE Nevada Regents' Scholar Award

10/17/18: UNLV Launches Investigational Pharmacy

10/16/18: UNLV Study Explores Possible Life on the Moons of Rogue Planets

10/16/18: Honors: Anabel Chavva, Jay Nietling, Jill Zimbelman, Katelyn DiBenedetto, Sara Tajalli, and Shanna Kinzel

10/15/18: Grant: Arya Udry

10/15/18: First STEM... Then STEAM...

10/12/18: Seen and Heard

10/12/18: Grant: Marcia Ditmyer

10/11/18: #RebelsGive: UNLV's Sports Research and Innovation Initiative

10/11/18: UNLV Grad Students Breaking Ground all Over — Sometimes Literally

10/11/18: Grant: Aude Picard

10/11/18: College of Fine Arts Hosts Second Annual Art Walk Oct. 12

10/10/18: Research Week: Lee Business School Event — The Business of Research Oct. 11

10/10/18: Robert Rippee

10/10/18: RSVP Today for the Graduate Showcase on Oct. 12

10/9/18: School of Nursing Guest Lecture: Hospice Nurses and Family Caregivers Oct. 12

10/9/18: Grant: Angela Amar

10/9/18: Driving Academic Success with Their Own Data

10/8/18: Research Week 2018’s Smart Communities Reception and Panel Discussion Oct. 11

10/8/18: Grant: Matthew Lachniet

10/8/18: UNLV to Mark Research Week October 8-12 with Series of Community Events

10/7/18: Research Week: 5th Annual CSUN Research Fair Oct. 10

10/6/18: Setting the PACE: Partner and Collaborate for Excellence Oct. 11

10/5/18: Surveying on Surveillance

10/5/18: A Preview of Grad School

10/5/18: Grant: Hui Zhang

10/4/18: So You Think You Can Entrepreneur

10/4/18: Is Mars Really That Similar to Earth?

10/3/18: Dental School Research Week Event Oct. 9

10/3/18: Meet the McNair Scholar: Zantana Ephrem

10/2/18: Find Out About Career Opportunities in Nuclear Science Oct. 9

10/2/18: Beasley Media and UNLV Hackathon - Applications Due Oct. 5th!

10/1/18: From Tragedy, Recovery and Resilience

9/28/18: A Math Lesson Without Equations

9/28/18: Volunteers Needed for Research Study on the Effects of Strawberries on Blood Cholesterol

9/27/18: Meet the McNair Scholar: Leah Oswinn

9/26/18: NIPM to Kick Off Research Week 2018 Oct. 8

9/26/18: Grant: Szu-Ping Lee

9/25/18: Meet the McNair Scholar: Camisha Fagan

9/24/18: UNLV Research Park Means New Opportunities for Nevada

9/21/18: Meet the McNair Scholar: Isaiah Henry

9/19/18: Grant: Federick Ngo

9/18/18: Playing for Keeps

9/17/18: Wildfire Risk Doesn’t Douse Housing Demand 

9/14/18: Trailblazers of Tomorrow in "What's Cool at School"

9/13/18: Grant: UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives

9/12/18: Could the Edge in College Sports be Mental Wellness?

9/11/18: UNLV Receives $20 Million NIH Grant Renewal to Lead Research Network 

9/10/18: Skipping the Drillings and Fillings

9/7/18: Sports betting is now legal in several states. Many others are watching from the sidelines.

9/6/18: Grant: Szu-Ping Lee

9/5/18: Show of Subversiveness

9/4/18: The case for boosting WNBA player salaries

8/31/18: Grant: Cory Lampert

8/30/18: Education, not restriction, is key to reducing harm from offshore gambling

8/28/18: Published: Qing Wu and Yingke Xu 

8/27/18: A Health Impact Assessment Looks at All-Day Kindergarten in Nevada

8/24/18: Child lead poisoning on rise, prevalence unknown

8/23/18: Honors: Mira Han

8/21/18: Paths Toward Peace

8/17/18: Published: Rian Satterwhite

8/16/18: The infantilization of Western culture

8/15/18: Well-Being in the Balance

8/14/18: Esports — it’s in the name

8/10/18: UNLV Receives $750,000 Grant from Mellon Foundation

8/9/18: Rees' Rocks Roll on to the National Science Foundation Repository

8/7/18: Supreme Court Polarization Is Not Inevitable

8/3/18: Making Music

7/31/18: Student Funding with a Multiplier Effect

7/26/18: UNLV International Gaming Institute Research Helps Japan Launch its First Integrated Resorts

7/25/18: Grant: Kurt Regner and Eduardo Robleto

7/23/18: UNLV, GOED, and Fraunhofer Team Up to Position Nevada as Autonomous Mobility Leader

7/20/18: Getting Schooled in Hospitality

7/19/18: UNLV, Gardner Company Break Ground on Innovation Building

7/18/18: Published: Xiangxue Xiao, Yingke Xu, and Bowen Liu

7/17/18: Published: Lawrence Walker and Fred Landau

7/16/18: Medical Research Through Cross-Campus Collaboration 

7/13/18: 'Reading' Burial Sites for Insights Into Health and Migration 

7/12/18: Changing the Script on Poverty

7/11/18: Grant: Starr Hoffman and James Cheng

7/10/18: What a Pain: iPad Neck Plagues Women More

7/9/18: Grant: Kate Korgan, Emily Lin, Valarie Burke, and Katelyn DiBenedetto

7/6/18: The Heat is On: Remember to Eat Some Water

7/5/18: UNLV professor says checking work email at home could impact health

7/2/18: Observing the universe with a camera traveling near the speed of light

6/28/18: How Unions Can Flourish After the Janus Decision 

6/26/18: The Power of Choice

6/25/18: Accreditation: Lori Ciccone, Lyndsay Ifo, Hallie Lyons, Francisco Mejia, Quentin Murrel, and Mary Vicuna-Howe 

6/12/18: Publishing Ahead of Their Peers

6/11/18: UNLV Newsmakers: May 2018 

6/8/18: UNLV Awarded $11.4 Million Federal Grant to Advance Personalized Medicine in Nevada 

6/7/18: Faculty Opportunity Awards Fuel Interdisciplinary Collaborations 

6/4/18: Life Sciences Professor Tends to the Tortoises

5/31/18: In Praise of Doing Nothing

5/29/18: The Federal Government Has Long Treated Nevada as a Dumping Ground, and It's Not Just Yucca Mountain

5/21/18: A Clinical Trial Wants Your DNA -- What Should You Do?

5/10/18: This Researcher Is Betting on Las Vegas

4/30/18: Sports Wagering Case Could Usher in Sweeping Changes

4/25/18: Kids of Color Get Kicked Out of School at Higher Rates -- Here's How to Stop It

4/19/18: Join Our Team as a Communications Associate

4/9/18: Goodbye Kepler, Hello TESS: Passing the Baton in the Search for Distant Planets

4/3/18: How the Raiders Got Comfortable With Sports Betting

3/21/18: The Shards of Time

3/20/18: The Art of Persuasion

3/19/18: Study: Unique Diamond Impurities Indicate Water Deep in the Earth's Mantle

3/16/18: Beneath the Surface Science

3/9/18: Proving Himself on a Massive Scale: Julian Lugod

3/8/18: Beyond the 'Gamer Girl' Label: Yzzi Ocampo

3/7/18: Dreaming Big in Esports: Milo Ocampo

3/6/18: Building the Esports Capital of the World: Tyler Tsunezumi

3/2/18: Five Things to Know About Esports

3/1/18: Katherine Hertlein Joins Fulbright Ranks

2/28/18: Watching the Watchdogs

2/22/18: UNLV Supercomputing Boosted Through New Collaboration With Altair

2/20/18: UNLV Study Finds No Testosterone Changes in Esports Gamers

2/15/18: Mars Rocks

2/14/18: UNLV, Boise State to Compete in First-Ever Mountain West Esports Showdown

2/13/18: Grant: Jean Nidetch Women's Center

2/12/18: UNLV Hosts 2nd Annual Las Vegas Baroque Festival Feb. 15-18

2/9/18: Barrick Museum Presents Art & Science of Color Theory Feb. 12

2/8/18: University Innovations: Student Entrepreneurs Showcase Their Work at CES 2018

2/7/18: The Universal Language of Magic

2/6/18: Innovation Magazine Wins a CASE Award!

2/5/18: Grant: Jenifer Utz, Katie Rafferty, Christy Strong, Donald Price, and Matt Bernacki

2/1/18: Ice Age Fossils Return to Las Vegas After Decades in California Museum

1/31/18: From Fruit Flies to Robots: Research Sheds Light on Our Future

1/29/18: Grant: Christina Demopoulos

1/25/18: Southwest Travel Award Application Closing Soon

1/16/18: Children Needed for Research Study

1/5/18: Crowd Expert Helps Create Safer Places

1/3/18: Newsmakers 2017: Research