Career Services Merges with UNLV Alumni Engagement

Sep. 6, 2018

UNLV Career Services has merged with UNLV Alumni Engagement, effective September 1, 2018. The change expands the reach of Career Services from enrolled students to include alumni.

“UNLV has a responsibility to support its 117,000 alumni for a lifetime,” said Chad Warren, senior associate vice president of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving. “Our graduates validate the mission of the university and embody what UNLV produces – an educated citizenry. If and when they need their alma mater, we need to be willing and able to answer the call. A strong, redefined Career Services ensures this.”

As part of the merger, experienced advisors from Enrollment and Student Services, which formerly housed Career Services, will become part of UNLV Alumni Engagement. Additionally, UNLV Alumni Engagement will coordinate with colleges that provide career services, including the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, Lee Business School and the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering.

"As UNLV continues to evolve, we are eager to adapt and streamline in any way that will better serve students and alumni," said Michael Sauer, associate vice president of Enrollment and Student Services.

The new organizational structure of a broader UNLV Career Services will serve current students, early-career graduates, and mid-career professionals. Career Services will help them expand their professional network and provide career advice and support, guidance through best practices, and general tips, such as information on their industry, articles, employers, and trends. Under this new structure, students and alumni can access a variety of self-help professional resources as well as in-person guidance.

The merger also aims to inspire alumni loyalty and increase involvement.

“The combined efforts will serve as a promise to our students and alumni that a proud and supportive university is there to help them throughout their career,” Warren said. “Our decision to bring Career Services under UNLV Alumni Engagement is consistent with best practices and research of emerging trends within higher education for career and professional programming.”

Warren added that the change also addresses alumni desires for more robust career services and professional support from their alma mater, expressed in the 2017 Alumni Attitude Study.