Campus Advisory - A Message From UNLV Police Services Regarding Phone Scam

Feb. 8, 2018


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and UNLV Police Services have received reports of a telephone scam taking place on campus and throughout the valley. The caller identifies themselves as either federal, state or local law enforcement, and claims you either owe the federal government back taxes or have outstanding warrants for your arrest. The caller then states that if you do not immediately pay a certain amount of money, law enforcement will be on the way to arrest you.  

If you receive such a call, do not provide any information to the caller and hang up immediately. As a reminder, no law enforcement representative at any level will call you to notify of a warrant and then solicit payment. 

Please contact UNLV Police with questions or concerns via the non-emergency line at (702) 895-3668.

If you receive a phishing email scam, please report it to the IT Help Desk by calling (702) 895-0777 or email