Call UNLV's 3-1-1 Phone Service for Non-emergencies

Jul. 10, 2017


Police Services provides 3-1-1 telephone service for non-emergency calls anywhere on campus

UNLV students, faculty, and staff have an additional way to contact the UNLV Police Department for all non-emergencies on campus. By dialing 3-1-1 on any campus landline, you will be put in direct contact with a UNLV Police communications dispatcher. The 3-1-1 number is a communications service that supplements the department's current non-emergency number. It should be noted that anyone calling from a cellphone or non-campus landline should still dial 702-895-3668 for non-emergencies in order to directly connect with the Department of Police Services. Any attempts to dial 3-1-1 from your cellphone or non-campus landline will put you in contact with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's non-emergency line instead of the UNLV Police's non-emergency line.

As always, in case of an immediate emergency or crime in progress, you should call 9-1-1.