Call for Applications 2014 UNLV Outstanding Teaching by Part-Time Faculty Awards

Jan. 21, 2014

Eligible candidates include part-time faculty teaching on a Letter of Appointment (LOA or LOB) who are not employed full-time by UNLV or the 
Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) in any other capacity. To be eligible candidates must have taught at least three credit hours at UNLV 
for at least three of the semesters in the period from Spring 2011 through Fall 2013.  Up to five awards of $1,000 will be given. Previous winners may reapply once three academic years have elapsed from their last award.  

The 2014 UNLV Outstanding Teaching by Part-time Faculty Awards applications are due to the attention of Gloria Ealy in the Office of the Vice Provost 
for Faculty, Policy and Research (FDH 708, mail stop 1014), no later than 5pm, Friday, February 14, 2014. 

Part-time faculty wishing to apply should assemble all application materials identified below in a 1½-inch, three-ring binder with clearly marked sections.  (Incomplete or improperly formatted applications cannot be evaluated by the committee). Samples of successful application binders are available for review in the Reserve Section of the Lied Library. Binders must contain each of the following items:

  1. Candidate’s current curriculum vitae.
  2. Personal statement of focus and philosophy of teaching in candidate’s subject area in the classroom.
  3. Evidence that supports the candidate’s distinguished teaching. Such evidence should include the following: 
    1. Copies of relevant course outlines/syllabi, 
    2. Representative student assignments, 
    3. Samples of course handouts and/or exercises the candidate has developed, and 
    4. Samples of exams. 
      Because distinguished teaching exists in many different forms, additional evidence unrelated to the above requirements may be included. All materials should be limited to those from Spring 2011 forward.
  4. Course evaluation information, to include the following:
    1. A blank copy of the form used for course evaluations.
    2. One set of completed course evaluation forms or a department/unit summary of those forms (including narrative students’ comments) completed within the last three years.
    3. One copy of the grade sheet (with student names blocked out) for the same course. 
  5. Recommendation letter from department chair or appointed supervisor and no more than two additional persons, including students or colleagues, who may comment on the candidate’s effectiveness, achievements, or abilities as a teacher.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to be brief and selective in presenting the requested supporting documentation. The emphasis should be on illustrating one’s best work in view of the following qualitative considerations:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively with students;
  2. Impart knowledge;
  3. Develop skills in a manner that excites students’ interest in the subject matter, as well as students’ interest in furthering their educational aspirations;
  4. Enthusiasm for assessing, revising, and updating instructional methods, materials and technologies; 
  5. Willingness to attempt and revise innovative instructional activities through varied approaches, methods, materials, and/or technologies in an effort to create ongoing participatory/active learning in the classroom; and
  6. Recurring effort to create learning tasks (assignments, exercises, and/or exams) that encourage critical thinking/reasoning skill.

Evaluators will be judging the application based on the following general formula:

  • Focus/Philosophy of Teaching 25%
  • Teaching Approach 25%
  • Teaching Evaluations 25%
  • Innovation/Special Expertise 25%

For additional information please contact:

  • Ruby Fowler; Chair, Outstanding Teaching by Part-Time Faculty Award Committee –  895-4186
  • Gloria Ealy; Administrative Assistant, Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty, Policy and Research  895-3496