Bus to the Barrick 2018. We need your help!

"What I found the most valuable was how respectful the Barrick staff was towards students sharing their ideas and observations. Some of my quiet students really opened up in that environment, which was a joy to see. My students loved having the opportunity to make art not once, but twice during our visit. ... There are few opportunities for visual arts experiences like this in Las Vegas for elementary students." CCSD Educator (name withheld)

The biggest barrier to field trips is the cost of transportation and materials. The funds you donate will go towards renting buses and buying art supplies for tours.

Jul. 16, 2018



Over the past twelve months, our Bus to the Barrick program has brought more than 1000 students to the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art to explore visual culture. By covering the cost of transport and materials we have been able to offer free exhibition tours and art workshops to schools from every socioeconomic area of Las Vegas. Everyone deserves access to the arts.  

As always, we believe that an awareness of art can nourish the well-being of our community. The arts are a fundamental cornerstone of any healthy culture. Introducing children to a museum is especially important in Las Vegas, where fine art is not always accessible. We see students returning to the Barrick with their families and sharing the ideas they talked about on their field trips. Bus to the Barrick has also given us the opportunity to forge connections with individual schools. Our aim now is to continue the program into 2019. We need your help.

The biggest barrier to field trips is the cost of transportation and materials. The funds you donate will go towards renting buses and buying art supplies for tours. Our goal is to host at least 30 tours and workshops during the 2018-2019 academic year, once more bringing in over 1000 students between 1st and 12th grade. The more gifts we receive, the more opportunities we have to make a difference in the lives of young Nevadans. Thank you!

Feedback from our 2017 - 2018 Bus to the Barrick field trip program

"I loved when you got to draw something yourself. It was amazing. I also loved the art styles.Alejandro, 4th grade student

"It was cool how you guys asked us questions about the paintings, for us to see the meaning and breakdown of what the paintings could be." Angelina, 8th grade student

"We have decided to donate to the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art for the specific purpose of using it to pay for the transportation of students to the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art for school tours for Clark County School District students. We feel this donation will have the greatest impact on students in our community."   Anonymous, July 10, 2018.

Are you a CCSD Educator?

Join us from 4:30 - 6:30 on August 10 for Teacher's Night and register your school for a Bus to the Barrick field trip. View our current exhibition, Andrew Schoultz: In Process: Every Movement Counts, and find out about the art that will be on display while your group is here.

Refreshments will be served. Family and friends welcome. There is no cost to attend, and parking is free! Park on campus in staff, student, and metered parking spaces after 1 pm on Fridays.

Contact: barrickstaff@unlv.edu, 702-895-3381, www.unlv.edu/barrickmuseum

The Barrick is run by a small but dedicated staff. We would like to thank Amanda Keating /UNLV Creative Services for the photographs.