Brookings Scholar Lectures, Fall 2013 - Videos Now Available

Oct. 9, 2013

I am pleased to announce that the first four lectures of our Fall 2013 Brookings Scholar Lecture Series are available on our website. The video lecture and the accompanying powerpoint presentations are available for viewed at: Video Lectures:

Overcoming Legislative Gridlock in the U.S. Congress: How Procedural Rules Affect Legislative Obstructionism Molly Jackman, Fellow, Governance Studies, October 2, 2013

Innovation, Inequality, and the Commercialization of Academic Research Walter Valdivia, Fellow Governance Studies, Center for Technology Innovation September 25, 2013

The Hidden STEM Economy: The Surprising Diversity of Jobs Requiring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Knowledge Jonathan Rothwell, Senior Research Associate and Associate Fellow, Metropolitan Studies September 18, 2013

Choice or by Chance: Why is Nevada Last in Federal Funding and What Can Be Done About It? Tracy Gordon, Fellow, Economic Studies September 11, 2013