Bike Share Inquiry and Survey

Nov. 25, 2017


Parking and Transportation Services is considering a bike share program as an alternative form of transportation on campus.and would like to receive input from you about your preferences. Bike sharing is an innovative transportation program, where users can rent bikes at a low cost for short distance trips. All bikes would be located on campus property, however trips could be used for on or off campus destinations. There are two basic types of systems: 1) Bike Sharing with Stations and 2) Dockless Bike Sharing. We are interested in your opinions and would appreciate your participation in a very short survey related to this topic.


The survey questions can be accessed by using the link below. Your input will be very valuable in helping us consider the possibilities of this type of system for UNLV.

Thank you for your consideration and participation in this process.
Any questions can be addressed through Parking and Transportation Services at 895-1300.