Barbara Shallcross Earns Employee of the Month Award

Barbara Shallcross with supervisor Dr. David Cappelli

Barbara Shallcross with supervisor Dr. David Cappelli

Sep. 1, 2019


Barbara Shallcross in Biomedical Sciences received the UNLV Classified Employee of the Month award in August. According to the nomination, she earned the award for multiple reasons including constructing the schedule for all of the school’s didactic courses within the doctor of dental medicine degree program each year, and effortlessly adjusting them to align with faculty needs. She assists faculty with organizing and posting course materials on WebCampus (Canvas) and MyUNLV, and has become a go-to source of information about those platforms. She also initiated and helped complete a system for the Department of Biomedical Sciences to manage and organize functions for three laboratories.

If there is a need within the department, she always pitches in without question. She has even served as a patient for students in an effort to help them demonstrate specific dental competencies. 

"I work with the greatest group of people," Barbara said. "That's why it is easy to enjoy my position."