Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Contribute $500K to Advanced Engineering Studies Building

AGEM Executive Director, Marcus Prater with Dean Rama Venkat and GLI President, James R. Maida. (Left to right)

Jun. 24, 2019

Gift is first contribution from AGEM and GLI's new "Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative"

The College of Engineering is honored to be the first gift recipient of the AGEM and GLI new "Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative," a multi-year effort aimed at identifying worthy causes that will utilize direct contributions to flourish over the longer term and provide a variety of assistance to multiple beneficiaries.

"AGEM is proud to be working with GLI on this unique giving program that will benefit many different audiences and will be true to the idea of making a 'lasting impact' through a strong ripple effect inside the gaming industry and beyond," AGEM Executive Director Marcus Prater said. "We value GLI's commitment in joining us to make a positive difference in everything we do, and we look forward to seeing the UNLV College of Engineering break ground on its new building."

The three-story, 51,000 square-foot building is a needed addition to the UNLV campus to accommodate the continuing growth in engineering and computer science student enrollment, increased research efforts, and meet the state's and nation's skilled, STEM workforce needs.

"The College of Engineering is committed to building the infrastructure needed to educate the engineers of tomorrow, and creating research space that will enable the forward-thinking progress of corporate partners such as AGEM and GLI," said Rama Venkat, Dean of the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. "This generous gift from the Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative will help make that possible. The new Advanced Engineering Studies Building will facilitate critical research, foster innovation, and pave the way for the vision we all share for Nevada's future of a robust tech-based economy."

The Initiative's $500,000 gift is a direct investment in the importance of education in Nevada, the city of Las Vegas, university students and faculty and the future pipeline of skilled engineers for gaming and many other industries.

"Since opening our doors 30 years ago, GLI has been dedicated to giving back to the communities where we do business around the world. We are committed to creating big ideas making a big difference in the global gaming industry, and partnering with AGEM to create the Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative is the lastest illustration of that commitment," said GLI President/CEO James Maida. "Given the highly technical nature of today's gaming industry, a vibrant and thriving engineering community is crucial to our mutual success, and that is why it was important that this first gift went to UNLV's College of Engineering, to further solidify a pipeline of talent that will help to ensure the industry's future success."

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