Architect Daniel Libeskind addressed a large crowd at UNLV

Feb. 28, 2020

In Las Vegas, Mr Libeskind is widely known for his design of the Crystals shopping mall at City Center. At his visit to UNLV, Daniel Libeskind spoke on the art of architecture, and how a wide range of references from literature and philosophy constantly influences his work, having a profound impact on the design. Daniel Libeskind and his wife Nina spent some time with students answering questions, advised them on their career plans, and signed his new book “Edge of Order”.

Speaking to an engaged audience of 300, Mr Libeskind told the story how in 1989 he won the international competition to build the Jewish Museum in Berlin, his first built project ever. He moved his young family to Berlin and devoted more than ten years to the completion of this seminal project. A series of influential museum commissions followed, including the Felix Nussbaum Museum in Osnabrück; Imperial War Museum, Manchester; Denver Art Museum; Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco; Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; and the Military History Museum, in Dresden. In 2003, Studio Libeskind won another historic competition—to create a master plan for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. This plan is being realized today.