April Scheduling Updates

Apr. 24, 2019



Hello Scheduling Community,

We hope this email finds you all well. It is the intention of this communication to provide you with the most up to date information regarding course scheduling for the Fall and Spring semesters. Our goal in Scheduling is to provide you with the appropriate space for your courses with safety, course needs, building preference and space and seat optimization all being considered.

·  As of April 2nd, Fall 2019 has been placed; please go through and review your schedule closely. Be aware that registration has begun as of April 15th, so any changes to days, times  etc will require a cancellation of the course and creation of the new courses with the correct information.

·  Due to classroom renovations, we are down 3 classrooms (FDH 101, 105 and 109). These are all large and popular rooms and having them down had an impact of the Fall 2019 schedule placement. 

·  This semester, we have found many errors that are impacting course placement that we hope to prevent in the future. Dates and times need to be corrected, request for computer labs, late requests for combined courses or not letting us know courses were combined, etc. We are still receiving a high number of requests for fall schedule changes and we are processing those as fast as we can.

·  Please remember, moving a course from one classroom to another that is not for a medical need, will not be processed until after the first week of the semester.  In addition please start placing your focus on the Spring 2020 course build. Please let us know what days and times work best for you for the scheduling unit to spend an hour or two reviews and assisting with your spring 2020 schedule build.

·  We are currently working on a submission form for schedule change requests and will be reaching out to departments to test the form. If you are interested and would like to help us test, please email Laina Gleason (laina.gleason@unlv.edu). We expect this to take about an hour of time a week for a month. We greatly appreciate your cooperation through this process. We will continue to request meeting and training with your departments to make sure that the Office of the Registrar is doing everything it can to better inform, train and collaborate with your department and scheduling team/person. UNLV aspired to be Top Tier and we made it, let’s continue improving with that momentum!


Note - Please make sure to go over the scheduling contact list and inform us of any changes that are needed. It is important to maintain the list current to ensure your department is receiving the latest information from scheduling. If you have the need to add or remove a person, please email scheduling@unlv.edu.  


Thank you for your efforts and collaboration,   


Academic Scheduling
Office of the Registrar
University of Nevada, Las Vegas