May. 18, 2020


While UNLV and UNLV Anthropology had already been offering an array of online undergraduate coursework, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for flexible forms of instruction. Undergraduate students can find an array of fall 2020 online UNLV Anthropology courses in which to enroll. Students can also earn an undergraduate degree online in Anthropology at UNLV! The undergraduate degree program has been structured to make it viable with in-person, online, or some mixture of such classes.

For fall 2020, online classes offered include ANT 101 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology); ANT 102 (Introduction to Physical Anthropology); ANT 105 (Introduction to World Archaeology); ANT 360 (Dogs, Cats, and Other Beasts: Anthropology of Animals); ANT 411 (Buddhism and Culture); and ANT 466 (Nutritional Anthropology). Please note that continued impacts of COVID-19 might result in additional fall 2020 course delivery changes (e.g., some classes listed as in-person might change to hybrid or online delivery contingent upon circumstances).