Alumna Spotlight: Janet Qullian

Feb. 5, 2012

Janet Quillian, a member of the School of Nursing’s first graduating class in 1967, received the honor of the 2011 alumna of the year.

Quillian is an accomplished professor, nurse practitioner and consultant for international health organizations. She was instrumental in developing the first graduate family nurse practitioner program at UNLV.

In 1967 she received her Associate of Arts from Nevada Southern University, which later became the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She then achieved her bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1972, which was the only program in the state at the time. She obtained her master’s degree in Community Health from Texas Women’s University and became a family nurse practitioner. In 1982, she earned a doctorate of public health in global health and maternal and child health with a minor in statistics and epidemiology.

Since 1999, she has been Director of the International Development Internship Program through Seattle University. This is a 20-credit, three-phase undergraduate program in which students are challenged to explore the root causes of poor health in the developing world.

Throughout her career, Quillian taught in various universities in the Southwest, including UNLV, and also was a consultant for the World Health Organization, through which she has worked toward the betterment of community health around the world, including such countries as Vietnam, Palestine, Burma, Thailand and Mexico.