Advising Tips: How to Prioritize Time During Crises

Apr. 23, 2020

With such an unforeseen shift to fully online learning in the past few weeks, a need for understanding how to organize and prioritize your time during this crisis is important in finishing the semester out strong!

Here are some tips on how to help you do that:

  • Be mindful of upcoming deadlines by setting reminders on your calendar or writing it down -  this can help in prioritizing anticipated due dates and making sure assignments are turned in on time.
  • Setting up a designated study space to successfully complete your work is important. Similar to how a classroom environment or library study room sets you up with a designated space to focus on lecture or studying, creating a dedicated space at home that is distraction-free can help with focusing on the task at hand. Organize your goals and tasks in list form so that you can plan out and prioritize what needs to be completed and check items off as you go. Doing this can help with feeling accomplished throughout the day.
  • Create a routine that works for you to develop a sense of normalcy while at home. Scheduling in getting dressed for the day, eating breakfast or going for a walk helps with feeling motivated to tackle the academic goals for the day as well. 
  • Take breaks as needed! A to-do list can feel overwhelming, especially during a time like this. It’s important to reset and keep your mind clear and productive in between tasks.

In an unprecedented time like this, it is completely valid to explore different methods and strategies that help you be the most successful in managing your time. For more specifics on organizing academic goals and time management as a student, check out UNLV’s "Tips for Success Online." This resource includes additional strategies on setting up a study space, supporting your personal learning style, and establishing a regular learning schedule.