Adjunct Professor Randy Daugherty Brings Real World Experience To Managerial Accounting

Aug. 25, 2016

When Randy Daugherty isn’t managing his accounting firm, Fury & Associates, piloting small aircraft or strapping on hockey skates, he’s finding new ways to make managerial accounting fun and fascinating for UNLV EMBA cohorts. 

As a UNLV adjunct professor, Daugherty teaches the EMBA 711-Managerial Accounting course.  For this fun-loving adventurer, it’s his love of teaching and real-world expertise that makes managerial accounting appealing and creates a learning experience that inspires EMBA students to embrace its vital role in the organizations they influence.

“Ironically, many accountants don’t like managerial accounting,” Daugherty said.  But Daugherty is passionate about sharing his infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter to help UNLV EMBA students understand how the discipline is at the very core of accomplishing organizational goals.

Daugherty explains that for senior executives charged with making or influencing strategic decisions, managerial accounting is foundational to those decisions.  “It’s central to knowing how to measure and manage corporate performance and steer organizations toward effectively implementing strategies.” 

An educator, who is also a working financial advisor, Daugherty brings realism to the classroom based solidly on his career experience as an accountant, consultant and business owner. As a founding partner of Fury & Associates, he consults daily with business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs to help guide them in maintaining and growing their business’ financial viability. This hands-on experience forms the basis of Daugherty’s approach to teaching the practicalities of business and provides a unique understanding of the obstacles often faced by business owners.

Bridging theory and practice, Daugherty ensures the concepts and case studies discussed in class are supported by actual business challenges and are relevant to those industries represented by cohort members. 

This allows the knowledge and experience of EMBA cohort members to help drive learning, “we focus classroom interactions on internal decision making, the relevancy, use or misuse of accounting data and linking numbers to decisions made. We also analyze the strategic reasons behind those choices,” Daugherty said.

“I want every EMBA cohort member to recognize the value of managerial accounting and to have the tools to immediately use that knowledge in the workplace,” said Daugherty. It’s a simple goal but one with huge implications.  Translation:  don’t skip over managerial accounting.  The business you save could be your own!