Adding Instructors to class

Dec. 19, 2018

Once you have MyUNLV Staff Access

  1. Submit a MyUNLV Access Request Form
  2. Complete Understanding FERPA training and test
  3. Complete Scheduling Basics and test
  4. Sign up for Scheduling Advance Training

MyUNLV access and temporary password will be sent to you via your UNLV email address within 48 hours.

 - Ensure instructor is on the department drop down menu (if not, contact Scheduling via  include NSHE #, Term needed and LV #)

 - Navigation to add instructor to class Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings

 - Input class information  - will open to the Meetings tab

 - Under "Instructors for Meeting Pattern" type the instructors NSHE number - assign instructor role - select if you would like the name to be listed in catalog and give correct access

- you can add rows  by clicking the (+) button and take rows away by clicking (-) button

Save your work 

PLEASE ENSURE THAT AT LEAST ONE INSTRUCTOR/AA or TA has "Approve" access for the class or the grades will not get posted.