Academic Gala Celebrates Faculty Innovation, Collaboration and Impact

Apr. 21, 2014

Dear campus community,

Please join me in congratulating our colleagues who were honored yesterday at the Faculty Achievement awards and Gala. A complete list of award recipients can be found in the Provost Announcements section of the website. Their accomplishments represent the best of what we do and they honor us with their excellence. 

Also, join me in thanking and congratulating the faculty whose work was chosen for the poster presentation at the Gala. These accomplished researchers show the great work our faculty is doing and the impact of the campus on research. 

Special thanks are in order to Associate Vice Provost Monica Lounsbery, whose vision drove this celebration of faculty achievement and who, along with Kyle Kaalberg, Robyn Hadden, and Rhonda Montgomery, organized the event. Please join me in acknowledging a job well done. 

John Valery White