Academic Achievement Awards: And the Winners Are …

Mar. 29, 2017

Several members of the Graduate College community will be recognized at UNLV’s Academic Achievement Awards ceremony and reception on April 19 and at the Graduate College awards ceremony on May 5.

Outstanding Thesis awards will be given to:

  • (STEM) Michael Steiner, "Dissolution of Nontronite in Low Water Activity Brines and Implications for the Aqueous History of Mars," Department of Geoscience
  • (NON-STEM) Jesse Cook, "'The Only Thing That Matters': A Critique of the Editorial Practices in Garden of Eden," Department of English

Outstanding Dissertation awards will be given to:

  • (STEM) Janelle Droessler, "Direct Dissolution and Electrochemical Investigation of Cerium and Uranium in Ionic Liquid," Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • (NON-STEM) Margaret Huettl, "Nindandishinaabewimin: Ojibwe Peoplehood in the North American West, 1854-1954," Department of History

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching awards – recognizing students who have taught at least two classes at UNLV in the last three years – will be given to:

  • 1st place - Sarah Murphy, College of Education
  • 2nd place - Nicholas Baxter, College of Liberal Arts
  • 3rd place - Kazem Jadidirendi, College of Engineering

The Outstanding Graduate Faculty Leadership award will be given to Professor Janet Dufek, Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences. This award recognizes graduate faculty who demonstrate leadership by, for example, serving on committees; mentoring graduate students; and engaging in, leading, or significantly advancing efforts that help move the university toward impactful graduate education, research, scholarship, or creative activity.

The Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentorship award will be given to Professor Daniel Allen, Department of Psychology. This award recognizes graduate faculty who mentor graduate students in teaching, research and service; provide sound counsel and advocacy on academic and non-academic issues; and guide students toward the successful completion of degrees.