AAHRPP Site Visit Sept. 10-11

Jul. 4, 2018

The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP) will be coming to UNLV Sept. 10-11 for the accreditation site visit. The site visit is one of the final steps in UNLV's accreditation process with this organization.

The AAHRPP accrediting body will need to speak with several members of the campus research community during this time. Interviews may take place in person or via phone but are mandatory and must occur on Sept. 10-11 in order for UNLV to comply with the accreditation process and receive this important distinction.  

In the weeks leading up to the site visit, the Office of Research Integrity - Human Subjects will be preparing researchers, faculty, and staff whom AAHRPP has chosen for interviews. If you have any questions about the accreditation process, please contact Cindy Lee-Tataseo at cindy.lee-tataseo@unlv.edu.