2020 College of Engineering Scholar Award Winners Announced

May. 26, 2020


At the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, our graduate students have committed themselves to promoting the discovery, integration, and employment of new engineering in service to society. In honor of their exemplary research, the College is proud to announce the winners of the second College of Engineering Scholar Award.

Award Winners and Technical Journals
Pouya Shojaei (ME) – Composites Part B: Engineering
Sergio Contreras (ECE) – IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Ali Saber (CEEC) – Science of the Total Environment
Soroosh Mortazavian (ME) – Chemical Engineering Journal

The objective of the award is to encourage graduate students to publish their research in the top technical journals in their fields. This year, the College reviewed twelve applicants who met specific award criteria. All applicants must be doctoral students, the first author on the journal paper, and College of Engineering faculty should be a co-author of the journal paper. In addition, award winners are considered based on the Impact Factor of the academic journal, meaning the measure of frequency with which the journal has been cited.

We thank all of our graduate students for their commitment to academic research. Congratulations to all award winners!