2019 Classified Staff Award Honorees

May. 17, 2019

The annual Classified Staff Awards Luncheon will be held on June 17, 2019 from 1PM-3PM in the Student Union Ballroom. We will honor Classified Staff for their years of service during the ceremony. 

Please be sure to look over the list of honorees to see which of your friends and colleagues will be honored at this year's ceremony. The list is based on anniversaries met in the calendar year 2018.

If you are scheduled to be honored as well, now is your time to see your name in print. Make sure we have it right. If there are any corrections to be made, please notify the Classified Staff Council at cscouncil@unlv.edu.

See you there!

5 Years

Bean Thomas 5 Facilities Maintenance Services
Bernal Rebecca 5 Custodial Services
Berry Constance 5 Student Wellness
Blackwell Doris 5 Faculty Center
Boucher Theresa 5 Lee Business School
Bredeson Marisa 5 Life Sciences
Canio Wilma 5 Wilson Advising
Carrington Bethann 5 Accounts Payable
Chavez Jordon 5 Thomas & Mack Center
Cowden Geraldine 5 Honors College
Davis Daniel 5 Telecommunications
Dawson Markita 5 University Libraries
DeLeon Andres 5 Facilities Maintenance Services
Diaz Yvette 5 School of Dental Medicine
Dizon Ma 5 University Libraries
Drollinger James 5 Facilities Maintenance Services
Fajardo Edwin 5 Campus Life
Garcia Chelsea 5 Integrated Marketing & Branding
Gillilan Brian 5 Landscape, Grounds & Arboretum 
Grove Robin 5 College of Sciences
Heine Arlene 5 Accounts Payable
Jones Robert 5 Custodial Services
Lane Christopher 5 Facilities Maintenance Services
Lucero Jay 5 Thomas & Mack Center
Maley Brian 5 Custodial Services
McCarthy Chi 5 School of Dental Medicine
Mccullah Raishaunda 5 Custodial Services
Meyer Nanette 5 College of Education
Nepa Heather 5 History Department
Overstreet Jerome 5 University Libraries
Padilla Marie 5 School of Nursing
Patai Barbara 5 Foundation Operations
Preciado Mariela 5 College of Education
Prestia Cynthia 5 Psychology
Rideout Bianca 5 Department of Chemistry
Roque Stephanie 5 School of Dental Medicine
Saini Ashbinder 5 Information Technology
Sawicki Jessica 5 College of Engineering
Silva Jeanette 5 School of Dental Medicine
Silverio Brianna 5 English
Soto-Valdez Maricruz 5 School of Journalism
Thompson Wendy 5 Academic Enrichment & Outreach
Toutoulis Konstantino 5 Parking & Transportation Services


10 Years

Alamillo Regina 10 School of Dental Medicine
Barone Edward 10 Facilities Maintenance Services
Berry Stanley 10 Police Services
Castillo Paul 10 Student Union & Event Services
Chavez Christopher 10 SRWC Facilities & Recreation Services
Hernandez Arlene 10 Student Accounts & Cashiering
Hitchcock Stewart 10 Facilities Maintenance Services
Howard Robert 10 Facilities Maintenance Services
Leonard Richard 10 University Libraries
Macduff Marsha 10 Campus Life
Marin Candice 10 Thomas & Mack Center
McInerney Robert 10 Facilities Maintenance Services
Montano Joy 10 Performing Arts Center
Nuno-Ramirez Fernando 10 Landscape Grounds & Arboretum
Paredes Nelson 10 Custodial Services
Quiroz Ema 10 Custodial Services
Rincon Donni 10 Custodial Services
Rodriguez Sandra 10 William S. Boyd School of Law
Rossana Francis 10 Facilities Maintenance Services
Sigarroa Manuel 10 Police Services
Spearmon John 10 Police Services
Urbina Emanuel 10 Educational Outreach
Velez Paul 10 Police Services
Williams Robert 10 Landscape Grounds & Arboretum


15 Years

Booker Brett 15 Thomas and Mack Center
Contreras Antonia 15 Custodial Services
Ebner George 15 Facilities Maintenance Services
Figueredo Raymond 15 Custodial Services
Fox Tammie 15 Intercollegiate Athletics
Gomez Gustavo 15 Campus Life Facilities & Operations
Gray Gary 15 Facilities Maintenance Services
Hanna Aaron 15 Campus Life Facilities & Operations
Hernandez Javier 15 Police Services
Higgins Isabel 15 Custodial Services
Hogan Ruth Ann 15 Continuing Education
Horan Gary 15 Facilities Maintenance Services
Hughes Kenneth 15 Facilities Maintenance Services
Maley-Sidwell Monica 15 Facilities Management: Finance and Business Operations
Miramontes Jose 15 Facilities Maintenance Services
Moore Elizabeth 15 Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach
Neilson Kent 15 Sam Boyd Stadium
Price Timothy 15 Campus Life Facilities & Operations
Russell Melvin 15 Facilities Maintenance Services
Sanchez Carolina 15 Custodial Services
Sanders Michele 15 English
Shallcross Barbara 15 School of Dental Medicine
Siler Jarrell 15 Custodial Services
Simmons Jason 15 Custodial Services
Skeary Shana 15 Telecommunications
Tayong Eduardo 15 Custodial Services
Valmore Christopher 15 Reprographics Design Services
Weiss Pamela 15 Interdisciplinary Degrees


20 Years

Agrellas Rick 20 Facilities Maintenance Services
Dixon Beverly 20 Continuing Education
Groce Rhonda 20 International Programs
Hard-Batzloff Martha 20 William S. Boyd School of Law
Jenness Robin 20 Continuing Education
Jordan David 20 Custodial Services
Lucken Linda 20 Custodial Services
Marx Kathleen 20 University Libraries
Olivas Oscar 20 Intercollegiate Athletics
Orr Hugh 20 Facilities Management
Parise Sophie 20 College of Liberal Arts
Peper Jarrett 20 Thomas and Mack Center
Pugh Glenn 20 Inventory Control
Runnels Gregory 20 Intercollegiate Athletics
Saucier William 20 Thomas and Mack Center
Stevens Sandra 20 University Libraries
Villanueva Salvador 20 Custodial Services
Williams Sheila 20 Thomas and Mack Center


25 Years

Longoria Sonja 25 Lee Business School
Ratliff Marlon 25 Custodial Services


30 Years

Fox John 30 University Libraries