2013 Faculty Opportunity Awards Announced

May. 13, 2013

President Neal Smatresk, the Division of Research and Graduate Studies, and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Faculty Opportunity Awards, totaling approximately $400,000.

The Faculty Opportunity Awards were created in 2012 to provide support for development of research areas with potential for continued funding by extramural funding agencies, private foundations, or industry, or to provide financial support needed to complete significant scholarly/creative works. This year we added a new award specifically intended to produce research disclosures.

A total of 46 proposals were submitted to this highly competitive awards program in two categories: Innovation Technology Award and Single Investigator Award.  Faculty led review panels made recommendations to the Vice President for Research and the Chair of the Research Council.  A total of 18 awards will be funded: 5 are Innovation Technology Awards and 13 are Single Investigator. Below is a list of recipients.

Innovation Technology Awards

Yingtao Jiang, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering ($25,000)
"A New Multiple Access Scheme Based on the Signal Amplitudes"

Juyeon Jo, Department of Computer Science ($24,480)
"Revolutionizing the Authentication Paradigm with an Indirect User ID Mechanism"

Martin Schiller, School of Life Sciences ($25,000)
"System Minimotif Inhibitor Functional Screening Technology"

Woosoon Yim, Department of Mechanical Engineering ($24,853)
"Technology Development of a Robotic Catheter System"

Hui Zhang, Department of Chemistry ($25,000)
"Development of Novel Chemical Inhibitors Targeting Epigenetic Regulation of Cancer/Cancer Stem Cells"

Single Investigator Awards

Amei Amei, Department of Mathematical Sciences ($14,000)
"Time-Dependent Random Effects Poisson Random Field Model for Cancer Gene Detection"

William Bauer, Department of History ($25,000)
"Indigenizing California History"

Kevin Dawson, Department of History ($4,000)
"Water as a Cultural Space: Aquatics in Atlantic Africa and the African Diaspora"

Daniel Gerrity, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Construction ($25,000)
"Occurrence, Proliferation, and Persistence of Antibiotic Resistance during Wastewater Treatment"

Szu-Ping Lee, Department of Physical Therapy ($24,268)
"Influence of Foot Strike Pattern on Lower Back Muscle Activation during Running"

Elizabeth MacDowell, School of Law, & Emily Troshynski, Department of Criminal Justice ($25,000)
"From Victims to Litigants: Domestic Violence, Legal Aid Partnerships with the Courts, and the Politics of Self-Help"

Mario Martinez, Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education ($25,000)
"Building Toward a Center for the Study of Innovation in Postsecondary Education"

Beth Rosenberg, Department of English ($9,361)
"Literary Modernism, Immigration, and Jews"

Guogen Shan, Dpartment of Environmental & Occupational Health ($20,000)
"Efficient One-stage and Two-stage Phase II Clinical Trial Designs Based on Exact Unconditional Tests"

Tracy Spies, Department of Educational and Clinical Studies ($24,851)
"Project LEAP: Learning English for Academic Purposes"

Pengtao Sun, Department of Mathematical Sciences ($24,460)
"Modeling and Numerical Studies for a Two-phase Transport Model of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells"

Ai-Sun (Kelly) Tseng, School of Life Sciences ($25,000)
"Using Antibiotics to Modulate Vertebrate Organ Regeneration"

Hui Zhao, Mechanical Engineering ($25,000)
"Super-hydrophobic Surface Enabled Microfluidic Energy Conversion”