COVID-19 Update for School of Music Students

Dear School of Music Students,

Welcome to the beginning of your spring break. We all find ourselves in new territory regarding teaching and learning at UNLV. I first want to assure you that we are acutely aware of the impact of this extended time away from your normal routine and will do everything to stay in contact, assist you with your education, realizing that there are many variables regarding your course outcomes and delivery of the classes in which you are enrolled. We want you to stay healthy and safe, the first priorities.

Currently, all instruction will be delivered remotely until April 12. The university will then evaluate whether to resume instruction on campus. This includes postponing or cancelling events held on campus. The College of Fine Arts expects that syllabi be updated to reflect new course expectations.

  • Set-up a routine. No one expects you to be tied to a computer all day in order to fulfill requirements.
  • Get some exercise
  • Follow good hygiene. Even though you are not meeting in class or face-to-face with colleagues and instructors, you will feel better.
  • Follow a healthy diet, it will help you think and accomplish tasks better.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Give yourself time to relax, enjoy activities not related to coursework.
  • Practice your art, this is probably the first time you do not have to squeeze practicing in between classes, ensemble rehearsals, and lessons.
  • Stay connected with family and friends so you don’t feel isolated. Do not be afraid to reach out to your instructors with questions or just to say hi. We care about you! If you need resources, this link will provide a starting point.
  • If you experience increased anxiety or stress related to COVID-19 you may seek help through UNLV Student Counseling and Psychological Services at or call 702-895-3627.
  • Please look for further messaging from your instructors regarding the mode of delivery for your courses.
  • Students who are registered with the Disability Resource Center and need assistance during this transition should contact the DRC at 702-895-0866 or at
  • Computer labs will remain open on campus as well as the Lied Library.

UNLV’s website will keep you updated on any changes and provide resources as well.

The School of Music website will be updated to reflect performance postponements, and information. Below are some decisions made by the School of Music Executive Committee, the Faculty Senate Chair, Janis McKay, Tod Fitzpatrick, Senior Advisor to the President, and we ask you to be flexible while preparing the time away from school.

  • Until further notice, practice rooms are not open in order to thoroughly clean practice rooms and the building.
  • Events that have already been cancelled or postponed include:
    • Baroque Festival
    • Shaw Center Series
    • Nevada Music Educators Association Conference
    • Wind Orchestra recording
    • All CCSD events


At this time, all scheduled recitals until further notice will be performed remotely. Students are asked to contact their studio instructor and their Advisory Committee Chair. Together you will best decide how to deliver the recital repertoire.

Practice rooms, until further notice, may not be used for recital rehearsals, out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of all students.

We realize that some of these recitals might be performed without an accompanist, and the faculty will be flexible regarding the repertoire should it not be conducive to remotely performing (ex. chamber music involving many people.)

Should the university make the decision to return to campus, we will then manage the scheduling and rescheduling of recitals at that time.

No student will be given incompletes in their MUSA, MUS, or MUSE courses, because of this quarantine. We do not want graduation delayed or for the student to add an extra semester due to this quarantine. Please stay current with course expectations and do not get behind in your assignments. Prior to this quarantine, all missed assignments must be completed in order to avoid an incomplete grade.

Applied Lessons

Students should stay in close contact with their applied instructor to best fulfill MUSA course requirements. The student is responsible for letting the teacher know what kind of technology is practical for them.


Should the campus remain closed throughout the remainder of the semester, juries will be canceled. Please, continue your practice routine so in the event we do return to campus and have juries, you will be prepared.


Obviously, ensembles are difficult to meet remotely. Each ensemble director may elect to create meaningful learning experiences, remotely delivered, during this time. Should we return to campus, we will evaluate the possibilities of resuming ensembles.

Repertoire Classes

Each applied instructor will choose how to deliver these classes and will be in contact with their students. However, in-person repertoire classes will not be allowed at this time for obvious reasons.

Student Teachers

As the CCSD is closed as well, please know that you will not be penalized, nor will your transcript miss any credits for the State Department of Education. Your transcript will reflect the necessary credits so that your application for certification will not suffer.

Practicum Students

The MUS 376, Instrumental Methods Class has the associated MUS 452 practicum.

You will all receive a passing grade according to the work thus far.

Graduate Assistants

Your assistantship will not be affected at all by this campus closure.

These are unprecedented times for all of us. We will miss seeing all of you in our buildings and hope that you will continue to develop your skills, creativity, scholarly research and practice. My office staff will be working remotely most of this time, but please do not hesitate to contact us.

I appreciate your understanding and urge you to stay safe and healthy, look forward to when we all can return to campus.

Very best wishes to you all,

Susan Mueller
Director, UNLV School of Music