Math 96


  • Math 96 is designed to prepare students for Math 124, 126 and, for elementary education majors, Math 122.
  • Math 96 acts as a prerequisite for these courses for those students that do not directly qualify directly for Math 124/126/122.
  • Successful completion of Math 96 does NOT serve a prerequisite to Math 120. A student that completes Math 96 but needs the Math 120 pathway should either contact the Department of Mathematical Sciences for special permission or take the ALEKS PPL to demonstrate readiness for the required math course.


The seven-week class includes homework completed using the ALEKS Course Product, which is an adaptive, artificially-intelligent learning system that provides you with individualized learning experiences tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Classes meet four days per week and consist of a combination of individual work in ALEKS, classroom instruction, and assessments and activities to supplement the algebra work in ALEKS.


  • ALEKS Course Product is a mandatory requirement of the course. You do not need to purchase anything before the first day of class. Sign-up instructions will be given on the first day of class.
  • You will need an electronic device (laptop, tablet, etc.) that you can bring to class every day. You will also need access to a computer with internet access for doing your work outside of class. Computer labs on campus are available to students who do not have internet access.
  • Attendance is required in these classes. Only the homework will be done online.

Online Availability

Limited sections of an online version of the Math 96 course may be offered during the fall and spring semesters. While the type and degree of interaction with the instructor is different in online sections, the content of these courses is the same as the content offered in the face to face courses.

The online version of Math 96 requires that the student demonstrate initiative, being a self-starter, and be reasonably comfortable with ever-changing technology. The instructor in the online versions of each course is in almost daily contact with the students via email, Skype, telephone, and, most importantly, through the Webcampus portal. Webcampus provides the means by which the instructor provides feedback to the students on their four assignments in each module. New features are added to Webcampus almost every semester to improve the quality and frequency of such feedback.

The online version provides the opportunity for rich, one-on-one interaction via technology between student and instructor, between student and student, and between the student and the course material. New ideas for enhancing these three modes of interaction are being tested and implemented in the pursuit of continuous improvement, particularly for the experience of the student who is willing to explore the possibilities with those of us in the online education community.


Math 96 consists of ten modules with four assignments in each module, and includes the following:

  • An online quiz, a handwritten homework assignment, and an answer to a discussion question submitted through Hawkes Learning System,
  • Access to video-taped lectures and other material for learning the concepts of the course.
  • A two-hour midterm exam at the end of the first five modules and a final exam at the end of all ten modules, both supervised by ProctorU.